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Aug 21 2022

How to Prevent Toilet "Sweating"

Are you noticing puddles of water around your toilet’s base? This can be reason for concern. Look a little closer and see if there’s a leak or the toilet is just "sweating." If you see beads of water rolling down the side of the toilet’s undamaged exterior, then you’ve likely got yourself a case of condensation. To be clear, this is not a serious plumbing issue. However, ignoring it can lead to a host of other problems, which we will dive into later in this article. If you do need plumbing repair service, then call Rooter Hero Plumbing to schedule an appointment or request an urgent dispatch. Our dedicated plumbers are on standby to take your call.

Why Do Toilets Sweat?

Let’s relieve any anxiety of yours here and now. That "toilet sweat" is likely NOT coming from the toilet. Rather, those droplets of water are from the air. Allow us to explain.

There is a lot of moisture in the air during the warmer, humid months of the year. When this hot and humid air comes into contact with the cool porcelain of toilet surfaces, the air condenses and turns into water droplets. These drops then drip down the side of the toilet.

This phenomenon can happen in many cases. You might notice this same condensation on cars with the AC blasting or on the grass in the morning, after a cool night in a generally humid area.

Is Condensation on My Toilet a Bad Thing?

A leaking toilet is certainly a reason to call a plumber in Newbury Park, CA, and puddles of water around the toilet are sure to raise red flags. A closer inspection, however, will reveal that the issue is only tangentially related to the toilet. Other cold surfaces might have the same "sweating."

However, humidity can be a bad thing. That water dripping on your bathroom floors can eventually cause water damage. Therefore, we recommend tackling this issue sooner rather than later.

How To Stop Toilet "Sweating"

There is a two-pronged solution to this issue.

First, you must get that humidity out. If it is humid outside, then opening the windows might not help. Instead, use your ventilation system or dehumidifier. Then, keep that humidity out by taking shorter, cooler showers. You should also keep floors and surfaces dry, and never leave wet towels lying around in closed areas. Finally, move any house plants out of the bathroom and repair any leaking pipes.

Next, we have to deal with the temperature difference between the humid air and the cold toilet surface. Insulating your toilet can help. A plumber can put sheets of polystyrene or foam rubber inside the tank walls of your toilet for insulation. You can also keep the toilet water warm, effectively keeping the toilet warm. A mixing valve can incorporate warn water into the toilet tank. The plumbers at Rooter Hero Plumbing can help with this installation.

Emergency Plumbing Repair

Is your toilet actually leaking? If you need urgent plumbing repair, then feel free to call Rooter Hero Plumbing. Our live representatives are on standby to take your call.

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