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Mar 18 2020

In Self Quarantine? Protect Your Plumbing

Plumbing problems are never fun, especially right now when everyone is self quarantining. With all of the craziness that has been going on the last thing you need on your hands is a plumbing emergency. While some emergencies are out of our control, many can be prevented with good plumbing habits. So if you find yourself at home during all this, here are some things you may want to consider to protect your plumbing.  

#1 Watch What Your Flush

This one is huge right now! With toilet paper being scarce around the country, people are finding themselves running out of their usual supply, and well desperate times call for desperate measures. If you find yourself reaching for the Brawny instead of the Charmin, keep in mind that things like paper towels, wipes, facial tissues, kitchen napkins, and newspaper are NOT meant to be flushed. Flushing any of these items will cause a clog faster than a mob clearing out the toilet paper at Costco. This goes double for anything that isn’t even remotely made out of paper, like old rags. Basically anything that isn’t toilet paper should not be flushed. Dispose of all other items in the trash can where they belong.  

#2 Watch Your Drains

You may find yourself eating at home and cooking more than you normally do. This is a great way to protect yourself from what's going around and also save some money. However, it is important to be extra careful about what goes down the drain. Many people are unaware that pouring grease down the drain is a big no, no until it is too late. So please avoid putting: grease, peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, fibrous food particles, and starchy foods that expand down the drain. These are good practices all the time, not just right now because these items can easily get stuck in your drains, which in turn obstruct the proper flow of water and lead to clogs.   

#3 Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaners

If you find yourself dealing with a clog, don’t reach for the liquid drain cleaner. Liquid drain cleaner often does more harm than good. While it may provide temporary relief, it only deals with the symptoms and doesn’t actually fix the problem. In addition, once it is done eating through your clog, it may continue to eat through your pipes. Which may leave you with an even bigger plumbing problem. Instead of using liquid drain cleaner, try your plunger first, an auger is also useful for clearing clogs. If you are unable to clear the clog, professional drain cleaning may be in order.  

#4 Know Where Your Pipes Are Located

This time in self quarantine may seem like a good time to start checking some of those projects off the ol’ honey do list. And while it is a great time to be productive around the house, it is important to make sure you don’t do any harm to your plumbing  while at it. Behind your walls runs an intricate system of plumbing pipes, even a nail from hanging up a picture or a shelf can nick a pipe and cause a leak to form. And a leak that goes undetected can cause all kinds of water damage and mold. If you find yourself getting a hankering for hammering some nails in the wall, be sure to use a stud finder first to protect your plumbing.  

#5 Don’t Try To Fix It Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes is trying to fix a major plumbing issue yourself. This can be dangerous and lead to more expensive repairs. While minor repairs, like plunging your toilet are perfectly fine, things like rerouting a plumbing line or doing anything that requires a permit are better off left to the professionals. Professionals have the knowledge and training to get the  job done correctly, are aware of possible hazards, and have the proper tools to complete the job.   Dealing with a plumbing problem? Call the experts at Rooter Hero. For more plumbing tips to protect your plumbing contact Rooter Hero today!   

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