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Living Off the Grid: Water and Waste Solutions
October 29 / 2015

Living Off the Grid: Water and Waste Solutions

Whether you want to get off the grid due to personal conviction or simple curiosity, you’ll find that it’s not as challenging as it seems with the proper planning and research. Establishing unconventional plumbing solutions is a daunting task, but it’s certainly not an impossible one. While creativity is a big part of moving yourself “off the grid,” it’s also critical to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations. Drinking unfiltered water can have serious repercussions on your health and disposing of waste in an unsanitary manner can impact your neighbors. When in doubt, consult a local legal expert before finalizing your design.

Establishing Your Water Supply

Water is essential for a functional plumbing system as well as a variety of domestic uses, including cleaning and cooking. Establishing access to a consistent supply of fresh water is one of the major steps you must take to establish independence from public utilities. Fortunately, there is already plenty of precedents when it comes to off the grid water solutions. Millions of families in the United States already rely on wells to supply their home with water. However, the viability of this option depends on your local water table. It may not be an option at all in some areas. Wells also require drilling, which should be conducted by a licensed contractor who is familiar with applicable regulations. Attempting to excavate your own well can have serious financial and legal repercussions for the inexperienced. Installing cisterns to collect rainwater is another viable option for providing a water supply, although many jurisdictions restrict the amount that an individual household can gather. Some cistern setups are designed to provide water pressure to the system as well as gather and store rainwater.

Waste Disposal Options

Septic systems are a convenient and affordable off-the-grid solution to your waste management problems. The tanks house a collection of bacteria that break down waste into a safer form. Waste material is released into the soil through a series of perforated pipes, which buries pathogens and diffuses them to avoid impacting underground water supplies. Even homes that are off the grid should still be serviced by licensed plumbers and other professional technicians to keep the property safe. Hiring a licensed, experienced contractor ensures that you won’t make any little mistakes that have big consequences later. If you have questions about off-the-grid water and waste solutions, contact your friendly Rooter Hero Plumbing professional today.