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Aug 29 2019

Main Sewer Line Problems - Signs You Have A Bigger Problem At Hand

When it comes to plumbing problems one of the worst and most intimidating issues is a problem with your main sewer line. The damage can be quite extensive, leading to a lot of down time, and expensive repairs. As with most plumbing problems there are warning signs. Being able to address an issue with your main sewer line ahead of time can make a huge difference, as most plumbing problems have impeccable timing, often catching you off guard at the most opportune moment! Think you have main sewer line problem? Here are some signs to look out for.  

Signs You Have A Main Sewer Line Problem

Some signs you have a main sewer line problem may be subtle, while others may be staring you in the face. Perhaps you have known that something was off for a while, you just weren't sure what it was. Getting ahead of any plumbing related issues before they become a plumbing emergency is always best. It can save you time, stress, money, and prevent unnecessary damage. Here are the signs to watch out for:  

Slow Drainage

A sluggish drain is a common plumbing problem. While the cause could be benign, and easily fixed, if it is a persistent problem then it could be an indicator of a more serious problem.  

Sewage Backup

Sewage backup is a nasty problem. Just like slow drainage, it can happen from time to time. However, if it happens frequently, or if the issue isn’t isolated to just one drain, but all of your drains, then you definitely have a more serious plumbing problem that requires immediate attention.   

Unpleasant Odor

An unpleasant odor emitting from your drains can be a huge warning sign. Your plumbing should never smell. While there are some common causes for stinky drains, like a dried P-trap, if it is a consistent problem, and again not isolated, then you should call your plumber to rule out a more serious plumbing problem.   


As unpleasant as it sounds, pests can gain access into your home through your plumbing. If there is damage to your main sewer line, it provides a perfect entry point for pests like: rodents, reptiles, bugs, and other vermin. If you notice a wave of unwanted house guests, and are wondering how they are gaining entrance into your home, it could be through your plumbing. In which case, you should have your plumbing inspected. 

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can grow rampant whenever there is excessive moisture. It flourishes in warm, wet, and humid conditions, making the areas that surround your plumbing opportune breeding grounds. Always be on the lookout for the visible signs of mold, as well as the musty, earthy smell associated with it. Overgrowth of mold is always a cause for concern because it can make people very sick, but also it could be an indicator of a serious plumbing problem.   

Lush Patches of Grass

If you notice that some areas of your yard are more lush than others, it could be a sign that those areas are getting extra fertilizer, and when we say fertilizer we mean sewage. Yuck! We know, however it is a warning sign that something is amiss, which could help you get ahead of your plumbing repairs!  

What To Do Next

If you notice any of the warning signs of a main sewer line problem, then you will want to contact your plumber for a plumbing inspection. Video pipe inspection can give you a clear view of what's going on with your plumbing and accurately diagnose the problem. In addition, you may be eligible for trenchless pipe repair, which is a non-invasive way of repairing old broken pipes that are underground. To find out your options, contact Rooter Hero today!

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