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Nov 13 2015

So You Want to Be a Plumber

Plumbing may not be the most glamorous field, but it is an essential and rewarding one for those who practice it. As a skilled trade with high demand throughout the country, many people find success in pursuing a career path in the industry. However, those interested in becoming a plumber should note that the job requires years of training and skill development, as well as physical and mental endurance.

Traits of Successful Plumbers

  1. Physically Fit: Plumbing repairs and installation often require technicians to position heavy objects, perform delicate tasks in small spaces and maintain endurance. Upper body fitness is particularly important, although back and leg strength is also essential for avoiding injury on the job. Hand-held tools are a staple in almost any kind of project, so a firm grip is also required.
  2. Social Skills: Whether you want to be a commercial or residential plumber, chances are you will have to communicate with customers on a regular basis. You must be able to articulate problems and solutions to customers so that they can make an informed decision without confusion. Plumbers deal with all kinds of people in their work, so you must be comfortable interacting with a wide array of personality types.
  3. Mental Flexibility: Plumbers must adapt to evolving circumstances and develop solutions quickly. You must be able to accurately assess the current situation and take immediate action to avoid property damage and address safety hazards. A patient and calm attitude is essential at all times.
  4. Technically Minded: Plumbers service a wide variety of complex and potentially dangerous appliances, including water heaters and sump pumps. You may also be required to perform calculations to determine the appropriate size for units to be installed in homes or businesses. While these skills can be learned with practice, many successful plumbers have a desire to learn about mathematics and physics.

How to Get Started in the Industry

Before you decide to become a plumber, it’s a good idea to talk to a few people who are already in the industry. Contact someone in your social circles or reach out to a local plumber to learn about the demands and rewards of the job. Some companies offer to train employees and help them get their license from entry level positions. In order to become a fully licensed professional, you must meet the certification requirements according to your state’s law. In many cases, this requires education from an approved institute as well as training under a licensed technician. If you're interested in becoming a plumber, take a look at our YouTube channel to see what a day in the life of a Rooter Hero Plumbing plumber looks like.

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