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The Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump
November 12 / 2015

The Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump

Sump pumps are a common inclusion in residential and commercial plumbing systems, although not every modern home is equipped with one.  There are many reasons for homeowners to consider installing a pump if they don’t have on already or upgrade their unit to a stronger one that can handle the load.

Reduce Risk of Significant Water Damage

You may balk at the idea of installing a sump pump due to the upfront cost, but the small investment can be well worth it. These pumps are designed to protect your property from water damage due to flooding and humidity. Financial losses from water damage can cost thousands of dollars to fix, as well as frustrating and time-consuming renovations. Sudden flooding from excessive rain or a burst pipe can turn your basement into a swimming pool. By installing a pump beforehand, the accumulation can be limited or completely prevented. Removing standing water from the home is a difficult and messy task. It is also natural for water to build up in the lower parts of the home that are below ground level. Even if there hasn’t been a significant amount of rain, moisture that collects in the soil will creep through openings into the basement and crawlspaces. A sump is a convenient and low-maintenance way to remove accumulated water from your home on a regular basis, which helps reduce decay of the foundation.

Health Benefits of a Sump Pump

The presence of wanted in the home also has health and safety implications for the occupants. High levels of moisture augment the growth of unwanted guests, like mold, which can be a serious health hazard for humans and animals alike. It is difficult and often expensive to eradicate these organisms, which is why many homeowners adopt a preventative strategy. By fighting the risk of flooding, sumps also help protect your household from electrical fire. Despite the apparent contradiction, water damage can cause fires by shorting the circuits of electrical appliances in the basement. At the very least, you can expect to repair or replace any appliances that were submerged in water.

Installing a Pump in Your Home

Installation of a sump pump is a relatively complex and delicate task that should be left to licensed professional plumbers. To get the best results, the unit should be selected based on the expected demand of the individual home. Installation also requires connection with the existing waste water disposal system, as well as integration into the structure. Your neighborhood plumber can help you with the installation. Call today!