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Aug 24 2022

The Biggest Air Conditioning Myths Costing You Money

With inflation on everyone’s mind, customers have been asking us about ways to save money on cooling and heating. These make up a big bulk of your energy bills, making them prime targets for cost cutting. However, there are many misconceptions out there, and we are here to dispel some of the common myths that might be costing you money rather than saving you it. If you ever need HVAC contractors to take care of your air conditioning repair, replacement, or installation, you can call Rooter Hero. We are a tried-and-true company with decades of industry experience.

"Bigger Is Better"

We won’t settle philosophical debates here, but we will say that an air conditioner can, in fact, be TOO big. An air conditioner with a capacity that is too large for your space will turn on and off in quick timeframes. This can wear out the air conditioner’s compressor, reduce its life expectancy, and waste a lot of electricity.

"Smaller Saves on Energy"

This one is a lot more intuitive. An air conditioning unit that is too small for your space will be asked to work overtime, and it will likely fail to thoroughly cool the area. If you need help choosing the right air conditioner, then leave the replacement or installation to Rooter Hero Plumbing. We are happy to help.

"Turn Down the Thermostat for Quicker Cooling"

If you want it to get hotter, you fan the flames, and if you want it colder faster, you turn down the thermostat, right? Well, not exactly. Your air conditioner is likely designed to work at one speed, regardless of how ridiculously low you set the thermostat. Set it to a few degrees below the outdoor temperature to enjoy energy savings.

"Turn It Off When You Are Away"

Are you shutting off your air conditioner every time you head out to work in the morning? Turning it on when you get back from outside could be using more energy than keeping the unit running. Just adjust the thermostat to the outside temperature instead. The air conditioner’s power-up stage uses a lot of energy!

"Replace Air Filters Once a Year"

The sentiment is correct! You should regularly change your air filters, but these filters get a lot dirtier than you might think. We recommend property owners replace their filters once per season – that’s four times a year, not only once! In fact, we advise it more frequently if you have pets and people with allergies or respiratory issues in the building. Dirty air filters can clog up the system and overwork the air conditioner.

"Fans Keep Rooms Cooler"

While standing in front of a fan will make you feel a few degrees cooler, the fan does not actually cool the room. Fans do NOT cool rooms. Fans cool people by wicking off the heat and sweat from the body. This is why running fans in unoccupied rooms is a waste of energy! Only use fans if you are taking advantage of its breeze.

Need an HVAC Technician?

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