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Sep 13 2019

Tips for Disaster-Prepping Your Home this National Preparedness Month

Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air recommends easy-to-follow guidelines to California residents to combat most common natural disasters

MISSION HILLS, CA Sept. 12, 2019 Leading home service company Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air is offering preparedness tips to local homeowners for the three most common natural disasters in Los Angeles County: earthquakes, flooding, and firestorms.

We live in a beautiful area, but it also happens to be one that’s particularly prone to natural phenomena that can destroy homes,” said John Akhoian, business owner and CEO of Rooter Hero. “By taking just a few safety measures though, Los Angeles homeowners can rest a little easier at night.”

Akhoian recommends residents take the following precautions for each potential disaster:

  • Earthquakes: Since California is no stranger to earthquakes, it’s wise for residents to prepare for the worst. First, use metal strapping around especially large appliances that you don’t need to access regularly, like your hot water heater, to keep them from dislocating and falling. You may also consider installing an auto-shutoff valve on your gas meter to avoid a gas leak.
  • Flooding: Water damage is one of the greatest threats to the integrity of your house. If you know a large storm is in the forecast, make sure your sump pumps have backup power, install backflow valves for drains and toilets, and consider purchasing septic pump alarms in case your septic system becomes flooded this will help you avoid accidental rupture.
  • Firestorms: Even though a house fire is the last thing homeowners want to think about, research shows there are steps residents can take to increase their home’s chances of surviving a passing wildfire. Such steps include cleaning roofs and gutters of dead leaves and pine needles, keeping flammable items – such as plants and firewood piles – away from walls, and regularly cleaning debris out of exterior attic vents.

Our deepest hope is that none of these dangers will ever be a concern for our customers,” Akhoian said. “But we certainly want them to be as prepared as possible if something catastrophic ever does happen, and there’s no better time to prepare than National Preparedness Month.

To learn more about home preparedness and Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air services, please visit our Rooter Hero blog for more articles and contact us or call 844-219-2215.

About Rooter Hero

Since 2011, Rooter Hero has been committed to providing the best in plumbing and drain services. With more than 90 years of plumbing heritage, the Rooter Hero team prides themselves on creating a memorable experience for each customer. The company provides solutions for both residential and commercial needs and offers 24/7 emergency service. Now operating in nine convenient locations throughout California and Arizona, Rooter Hero is offering extended Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air options such as HVAC service and installation in select areas. For more information, please contact us or call 844-219-2215.

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