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Sep 11 2019

What To Do With A Weak Flushing Toilet

Suffering from a weak flushing toilet? A toilet that does not flush properly can be really annoying, not to mention inefficient. If it requires multiple flushes to thoroughly flush your toilet, then you are wasting a lot of water, which isn’t good for water conservation or your wallet. A weak flushing toilet can also lead to other plumbing problems, like clogs. Fortunately most toilet repairs are simple. Instead of replacing the entire toilet, many of the parts inside of your toilet can actually be replaced.  Here is what could be causing your weak flushing toilet and how to fix it.  

Sediment Buildup

Sediment buildup in the rim feed and jet holes can lead to a weak flushing toilet. Sediment buildup is caused by minerals that naturally exist in your water. The most common sediment buildup is calcium and rust. Overtime, this buildup can start to clog the holes where the water flows into the toilet bowl. This can cause a weak or incomplete flush.    To alleviate sediment buildup in your toilet, you will need to clean the rim feed and jet holes. To do this you will first want to shut off the water supply to your toilet. This is located behind your toilet. Then you will want to clear the tank of the water by holding open the flapper. Once the water is drained pour 1-2 cups of toilet bowl cleaner, or vinegar into the flapper. Let the toilet sit unused overnight to allow the cleaning solution to dissolve the sediment buildup.   In areas that are prone to hard water, sediment buildup may be more of a nuisance. Regular cleaning will be necessary in order to maintain proper function. In addition, a water softener will help reduce the amount of sediment in the water.   

Low Water Level

Inside of the tank, there is a water fill valve. This controls the water level inside of the tank. If the level is set to low, you may not have enough water to flush, which can lead to a weak flushing toilet. Try raising the level of the float to within an inch of the overfill line. You can also have too low of water in the bowl caused by a faulty fill valve. If there is a leak in the fill valve it could cause pressure to be diverted away from the tubes that flush the toilet. Open the tank and watch for any leaks from the fill valve when you flush. If there is a leak, the fill valve will need to be replaced. 

The Flapper Slack

The flapper is an important part in the function of your toilet. It regulates the water into your bowl. If the flapper closes too soon, then not enough water is released into the tank. This could be the cause of your weak flushing toilet. Check the slack on your flapper. The suggested amount of slack should be ½ inch or so. If there is too much slack, the flapper will close too soon, and this will cause a weak flush. See the flapper chain is attached to the rod of the flush handle. When the handle is pushed down, the flapper is raised up. The right amount of slack is needed in order to allow enough water to flush the bowl.   

Venting Issues

Your plumbing system has a venting system that allows gas, air, and pressure to be released from the plumbing system. If there is an issue with your plumbing’s ventilation system, you could be suffering from a weak flushing toilet. If you notice loud gurgling sounds when you flush your toilet, or slow drainage in your other drains, you could have a ventilation problem. Ventilation problems are also often accompanied by the smell of sewer gas emitting from your drains. If you suspect you have a ventilation problem, you should contact your plumber, as this could be a more serious problem.    Need help troubleshooting for weak flushing toilet? Rooter Hero is here to help! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.   

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