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Oct 17 2019

Expert Tips from the Certified Plumbers to Prevent Clogged Drains

According to the recent research reports, the leaks in your plumbing system lead to 14% water loss in your home. Most of the leaks in the plumbing system are caused by blocked drains. Yes, even a simple clog can cause potential damages to your plumbing system. A clogged drain can happen anytime even if you have followed plumbing codes, used quality piping materials, and schedule standard home maintenance. The clogged drains pose severe damages to the structure of your home can cause electrical hazards if water comes in contact with your home’s wiring. In some cases, they also produce some serious health issues. Hiring a drain cleaning in San Diego and taking preventative measures helps you to protect your plumbing system from severe damages and saves you a lot of time and money. So, here are a few expert tips from our plumbers to prevent clogged drains. 

Watch Over Your Kitchen Drains

Run hot water down your kitchen drains after washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen after a meal. This prevents grease from building up in your drains and prevents hot water deposits. You can also schedule regular plumbing maintenance to check whether the drains are working properly. If they are draining water slowly, the professionals will test to identify the issue and fix it right away before it turns into a big chaos.

Sink Clogs

Don’t pour certain substances like coffee grounds, food particles, large quantities of crumbs, and grease into the sink as it may clog the drains. 

Check Bathtub Drain

Every time you shower, check your bathtub drain for any obstacles. In addition to this, you must also schedule regular bathtub drain checkup to check for hair and biofilm buildup every few months and make sure that your drains are functioning well. The bathtub drains must be checked for biofilm deposits as a mixture of body oils, soap scum, food particles, and bacteria in it hardens and layers up leading to clogged drains. While checking the bathtub drains, you must also inspect the tub stopper to determine whether it needs a replacement. Once in each month, schedule a regular plumbing service to make sure there are no lingering particles down the drains that can cause clogs.

Don’t Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners are toxic substances that are believed to remove clogs from drains. But, in reality, it lubricates the clog and makes it difficult for the plumbers to remove it. In addition to liquid drain cleaners, you must also avoid chemical-based cleaners, degreasers, and clog removers as they can corrode the metal pipes and fittings and results in leakage.  You must also schedule regular sewer inspection in San Diego to avoid any unexpected plumbing damages that could cost a fortune. Contact us for San Diego sewer repair and drain cleaning.  

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